A letter from the founder Martin Jablonski.

H Everybody,

Tired of always seeing the same watches popping up on crowdfunding platforms always claiming affordable luxury and disruption of the industry ZEITOBJEKT was born out of necessity.

A necessity I saw in the market for a new German watch, that will stand the test of time and not only be a cash grab. Too many minimal fashion watches with cheap Quartz movement, that can be made for less than 10 bucks are being sold for 150+.

The people on the forefront of those companies are great marketers, but not watchmakers. The art and beauty of watches is being pushed away from the minds of the buyers. I want people to wear something that looks good, but that also is a mechanical marvel. Almost a living organism on your wrist that needs you, the wearer, to move or it will stop running. 

ZEITOBJEKTis here for people, that appreciate a good watch made with high quality standards. It's for people that want something different, yet familiar. Our watches don't have crazy designs. Understatement is the key to our design philosophy. That does not necessary mean minimalism, but a reduction of the key components to its bare necessities. More and it would seem too much, less and you would think something is missing.

Don't just buy history, make some yourself.

Cheers, Martin Jablonski

RED 30.jpg


We pride ourselves in our understated designs.

We don't strive to create another minimal watch, that looks like everything else on the market. Yet our watches are stripped down to their bare minimum. 

It's about the right balance of size, case design, dial layout and all other 100 small parts of the watch.

A watch that can be apreciated in quiet and not stand out in a room full of people screaming "just look at me I am different".

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What makes a watch so important to many of us is not the watch itself, but the memories of moments we lived through while having it on our wrist.

ZEITOBJEKT watches are made of the best materials to guarantee, that you can collect a lifetime of stories and give it away to the next generation.

But the unique thing about ZEITOBJEKT is that not only can you shape your own story but the story of the brand itself. Forget about changing the story of Rolex or Omega, but ZEITOBJEKTis still a blank page. You only need to do something spectacular. We make sure the watch can always be at your side.


We just want to make a really good watch.

There are the big established brands where besides the name you also pay for their heritage and the work they did for watchmaking. In reality most deserve every penny, but that does not mean you can't get equal quality for a more reasonable and fair price.

Then there are the ones that want to fake some quality with buzzwords like affordable luxury. Even the mechanical watches cut back on the quality by using cheap Chinese or entry-level Japanese movements.

ZEITOBJEKT is the sweet spot right in between those two. We are young and adventurous like the 'fashion' brands but on the other hand use highest-quality material and strict manufacturing standards to quarantee quality, like the big guys.

Don't but the fake stories of minimalist fashion brands or the history of the big ones. Tell your own story and make history with ZEITOBJEKT.