Why you should consider pre-ordering a ZEITOBJEKT

(at some point)

The quick rundown of the pre-order process.

We're currently not accepting actual pre-orders but the intent for one once it is possible. When pre-orders start depends entriely on how many people considering a pre-order sign up. All types of subscribers will be kept updated regularly on that front. 

Once we open pre-orders we would gather commitments to purchase until a minimal run of watches is financially feasable. This way you only pay once it is guaranteed that you will get your watch shortly after and your money is save. Once the minimum is reached we will open up regular pre-orders, at a then higher price. 

Now our reasoning behind recommending you to think about pre-ordering once it is possible.

The Ultra Short Version

You pay less and get more.

The Short Version

  1. You would get it cheaper since we don't have to pay for Kickstarter or Indiegogo fees.
  2. The complete transactions will go a lot smoother, since we are in direct contact with you.
  3. We would not be forced to compete with other lesser products on Kickstarter or Indiegogo just on the basis of price, thus not allowing us to give the guraantees that we would like to promise.
  4. Smooth transition from pre-commitment, over pre-sales to actual retail sales.

    The Long Version

    We are confronted with two ways of starting ZEITOBJEKT the brand and the company. Either we can go the currently very popular way if crowdfunding it on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, or we can accept pre-orders right here on the website.

    It is understandable, that you might not trust a new company with your money, so we will not just take your money without any securities. We would take on a form of personalized crowdfunding. Meaning until a set amount if pre-orders is reached we will not take payment and just reserve it. You will be able to cancel your commitment any time before the minimum is reached.

    After the minimum amount, which can secure a production run, is met we will open up regular pre-orders until either the products will get shipped, after which basic sales at the retail price would start, or we run out of ZEITOBJEKT watches. After all the TRITON is a limited run.

    While this seems similar to just crowdfunding on Kickstarter it has the large benefit of us being able to make the transaction as pleasant for you as possible while offering lower prices, since we don't have to pay for the Kickstarter fees, which are more than 160% higher compared to when we would do it right here on the website.

    Another problem with public crowdfunding campaigns is, that we are next to so-called 'affordable luxury brand' that try to sell 5 dollar watches for 150 and more. Which would still look like a bargain compared to an actual quality watch like a ZEITOBJEKT. So not only would we be unfavorably compared to the cheaply made watches we would even help them to scam unknown people out of their money since their offer looks way better next to ours.

    Watches are something special and should not just be a quick cash grab for somebody who does not even consider what would happen once a watch stops or needs a check-up. Without having to compete with other products on Kickstarter we are able to calculate realistic prices, that will keep the company going forward and allow us to give you additional service and guarantees that might otherwise not be possible.


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